Young Scholars

Bringing experience and self-discovery to our future


Our youth are the future and exposing them to the world at an early age is what they need to be their greatest selves. At IMANI International, we pride ourselves on traveling through time zones, area codes, and comfort zones. Our Young Scholars will be immersed in cultural adventures which will broaden their perspectives on the possibilities that are awaiting them. From surfing, to African dancing and drumming, to learning to run their own businesses, our youth will be introduced to diverse experiences they never imagined they'd try. The goal is to encourage our Young Scholars to explore their passions and become more open-minded to the multitude of opportunities the world has to offer them. We make dreams come true in the company of people that look like you!


Igniting Mindful Afro-Adventures Nationally & Internationally

for the Entire Family


Teamwork makes the dream work! We know it takes a village to empower and inspire our Young Scholars. A strong support system is an intricate necessity to the growth and development of any child. That's why we include parents and guardians into our youth program. We have Afro-Adventures for the whole family. Some of our Young Scholar curriculum is geared directly toward parents and guardians to support all the experience-based learning that our youth participate in. Experiential Travel is best when shared with loved ones.