Our programs are divided into 3 groups based on age-range and experience to accommodate many walks of life.

At the core of each of our programs, "Afro-Adventures" are hands-on travel activities which focus on cultural immersion and experience.


Ready to become an Afro-Adventurer? 

Choose the program that's right for you.


Young Scholars

(Culture + Experience) + Mental Expansion + Self Discovery for students in 6th through 12th grade



(Culture + Experience) + Service-Learning + Research for Community College, Undergrad and Grad students & faculty


Lifelong Learners

(Culture + Experience) + Service-learning + Leisure for professionals and community members of all ages

Become a Dream-Catcher!

Sponsor IMANI Travel for a Young Scholar!

No one does travel like us at IMANI International. When you invest in your own expansion through the world of travel, you also invest in our youth and their dreams. Just by signing up for an International Afro-Adventure to one of our feature destinations, you're sponsoring a Young Scholar in traveling outside of the norm in order to explore their passions. Here's how it works: You choose a destination to experience with us and we'll count your non-refundable deposit as a tax-deductible donation which will go directly to our Young Scholars program.

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